Nuevas tendencias de marketing para el 2020

Nueva tendencias de marketing

Nuevas tendencias de marketing para el 2020

DIGITAL MARKETING TRENDS 2020. A few months to 2020, and technological advances and innovations are creating

that marketers look for more proactive tools to perform better. Marketing is a business planning tool that integrates with the commercial area to create, communicate and exchange goods and services. In the next article we will be examining the different marketing trends that will be observed next year.

Interactive content video

Video marketing has been one of the biggest trends for years; with the passage of time we have seen the increase of videos on social networks, websites and blogs. In this way, users have managed to gain followers and position themselves as number 1 on the different platforms of interest.

2019 has presented several changes in the way followers consume videos; now people are looking for interactive videos to get to know their favorite product or just for fun purposes. On the other hand, brands with greater market positioning seek to make this tool a way to capture the attention of consumers and thus achieve their goals in digital marketing.

According to Merca 2.0 statistics , 70% of marketers claim that interactive videos have a great influence on business in a positive way. Almost 90%, people enjoy this type of content more than 360 degree vision.

Optimize SEO

Currently, 61.8% of searches on Google end in 0 search results; this is because Google offers an instant response that speeds up the research process when a user queries something; this way you will not have to search different pages web to find information

Every day it is more difficult to establish keywords and this is one of the many tools that must be taken into account when observing future marketing trends. You have to define ingenious ideas and make a proper process to compete for the top positions in the Google search engine.

Facebook and Instagram ads

Paid advertising on social networks is not something new, however, businesses focused on the ads offered by Facebook or Instagram are undergoing several changes in terms of trends.

According to Quick Sprout, 31% of brands that are using social networks use it to benefit from the paid ads they offer. As for other sites such as snapchat, pinterest or twitter are becoming obsolete over time; because it has not been possible to boost sales or trap consumers through these portals.

Since Facebook bought Instagram, the paid ads that both offer have been managed through the same interface. In this way, the format has become somewhat easier for companies to use in terms of their advertising creation and how to reach the desired audience based on their needs.

Payments by cell phone

The technological advance of mobile payment is here to stay, currently, there are many consumers who prefer to carry out this type of transactions to have to use their wallet or go to the bank to make payments.

For example, businesses such as Sweet and Coffee have created their own application so that customers can make their payments and have discounts or gifts on various products offered by the company, thus facilitating the purchasing process and keeping the needs of consumers satisfied .

Another of the most important aspects of this marketing trend, are the different payment methods they offer. Many banks and card users have interfaces such as Applepay, Googlepay and Samsungpay, by 2020 the number of consumers using these tools is expected to increase to 760 million.

In conclusion, as technological advances are emerging, it is necessary that the marketing world transforms these advances into opportunities to generate new revenues and increase the number of consumers that follow companies. On the other hand, we must know how to take advantage of the new opportunities offered by the technology industry to consolidate our brand and increase our sales.



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